Israel’s “Nadlan City” of Real Estate & Business Conference will be held this year in Eilat, at the Royal Beach Hotel, from Tuesday to Thursday, 11-13 December 2018.
3 days of professional content, business, and leisure.

This is the largest economic event taking place in Israel since 2002, and its purpose among other things is to promote active participation and investment in Israel by construction and real estate companies from all over the world.
Nadlan City is a unique opportunity for participants to establish new contacts and promote new deals and real estate projects in a professional atmosphere combined with social events and entertainment.

Versatile and diverse, a unique opportunity for business networking.
This year some 3,500 leading decision makers are expected to participate, including: mayors, CEOs and engineers from leading cities, government ministers, senior figures from the Israel Land Administration, the Planning Administration, the Tax Authority, the Budgets Division of the Finance Ministry, members of the Knesset, top executives from the banking and insurance companies that finance and insure the real estate industry, entrepreneurs and investors of residential and office projects, senior figures from contractor and project companies, finance managers, leading academics, systems contractors, leading attorneys and accountants in the industry, senior engineers and assessors, chief construction executives from corporations, income yielding asset managers, owners of real estate marketing companies, industrialists and importers, advertising firms, marketing experts and more.

The financial power of participants in the Israeli’s “Nadlan City” of Real Estate represents a high percentage of Israeli GDP. Together they employ some 500,000 people.

Participants in the annual Nadlan City Convention will take part in committees and open discussions regarding contemporary issues and interests of the real estate sector in Israel.
Every field of interest is led by a leading professional chairman nominated for each year’s event.
The discussions will address all the issues and challenges of the real estate and construction market in Israel.
The Israeli’s “Nadlan City” of Real Estate & Business will operate in six leading hotels in Eilat: Royal Beach, Royal Garden, Herods Palace, Herods Boutique, Herods Vitalis and Sport Hotel, with other events and activities all over the town of Eilat. The main convention’s venue is the Royal Beach hotel.
The agenda includes morning sporting events, after which breakfast is served and the convention’s professional sessions start in six parallel halls at the Royal Beach hotel.
In the afternoon hours, the guests shall enjoy quality time for networking and socializing in Happy Hour events and festive cocktails.

To celebrate each productive conference day, the guests shall enjoy exclusive music concerts of leading Israeli performers and night parties.
This conference is a great opportunity to broaden your networking circle, find new avenues to develop and grow, and of course strengthen the ties of both Israel and the U.S real estate communities.