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The sharing revolution

The world of real estate has been changing and adjusting at a dizzying space.  Everybody knows that. The question is, are we really prepared for these changes? Do we, the  key players in this extremely diverse eco system which the building sector is, do we really see the needs of future generations and do we really comprehend the meaning of the changes that apply to the multiple areas that overlap? Are we working to modify the manner and actions which served us well in the past, and that will not necessarily serve us well in the future, which in effect is the present.

The Israeli Building Center invites you to take a look at the future which is essentially here, and to take part in the largest and most significant information and knowledge sharing session in the Israeli real estate sector.  

This year the conference will discuss the fresh, new and interesting up-to date topics, the aim and goal being to lead the sector to take significant steps that will offer real business value to all concerned.

 “The sharing revolution” is based on four axioms that guide this conference:

  1. Information sharing
  2. Collaborations and networking
  3. A common destiny and partnership for the values and the future of the Israeli building sector
  4. Community and sharing as a necessity for dictating new challenges in real estate

Traditional topics usually examined during Nadlan conferences will be discussed and studied via innovative and inspiring angles, based on the understanding that all those who don’t change their way of thinking and don’t alter the manner in which they do things to match the current reality emerging in the field, will remain out of the game.

The conference will focus on offices and income producing real estate which are mainly and instantaneously influenced by the trends and innovations of the sharing revolution.

This year the Israeli Building Center is pleased to host leading and significant personalities from the high-tech and office sector in order to engage in important discussions on these topics.

In addition, we will spotlight  project implementation (execution)  and focus on these type of companies-  contracting companies and project management companies.

The three-day conference will include dozens of expert committees; a  new concept originally implemented by the Israeli Building Center and  proven to be extremely effective. The expert committees will be led by senior executives and chosen professional members and will include leading players and decision makers in each field. They will take place throughout the many conference halls at the Royal Beach Hotel and other hotels in Eilat.

All committee discussions will be open to the general  audience, recorded and  broadcast live in order to share  – our basic belief  being that  knowledge and information must be shared.
In addition, we  will include special open sessions with premier committees. These  will receive extensive media coverage in order to deliver the insights and news to the general public.

If you wish to partake in the content of the conference and receive more information please contact Lira Green, Content Editor,

We meet, we participate, we share