Leading the Israeli construction, real estate and design arena since 1969


The ISRAELI BUILDING CENTER was founded as a governmental establishment in 1969 in order to promote and educate the construction market in Israel in accordance with the housing and construction ministry of Israel.
For 30 years the center served as a knowledge base for building and construction technologies serving builders and private customers who needed information and guidance regarding house renovations, and new construction projects.
The center conducted exhibitions, fairs and conferences for the public and held special functions for entrepreneurs and construction cooperation. The center held special guiding programs for families building or renovating their homes.

The Israeli building center along with its activities and services gained wide reputation by top ranked professionals in the various fields of construction, design and real estate.

From a governmental establishment to a leading business center

After 30 years of prolific activity, the government decided to privatize the building center and its activities to private owners. The elected buyer was “Building collage” which merged its activities of wide range of courses offerings in the fields of constructions, design and real estate with the activities of the building center.

The collage with its new name of the “Israeli building center college” then reinforced its large variety of professional courses, and soon was considered as the leading college for construction, design, real estate and related professions in Israel.
The Israeli Building center campus was situated up to mid-2014 in Kibbutz GA’ASH and was visited by thousands of families building or renovating their homes.
2,400 Sq. meters of knowledge and innovation.

The new location of the ISRAELI BUILDING CENTER is placed in the stadium of the city of Netanya.

The new visiting center, include a transparent house model, showing the visitors all the systems and infra structures of a modern house.  In each room of the house, the visitors will be able to obtain information through an array of tablet computers. The visitors to the new center enjoy state of the art display systems, special models and exhibitions.  The center continues to provide information and knowhow to the general public and professional through courses and conferences.
The Israeli building center college campus is part of the new center, holding all the classes and courses for private and professionals, including Ultima – the leading school for design.


The Israeli Building Center is the leading business arena for the building and construction markets in Israel including real estate, infrastructure and design fields of profession.

Visitor Center – The new center opened in 2016 in its new location at the football arena of the city of Netanya. With over 2000 sq. meters, the new center include a unique transparent house model that shows all the systems and infrastructure of a modern home. The Israeli building center college – real estate, building and interior design studies. Leading college of its kind since 1993. Over 5,000 graduates per year from multiple disciplines and courses.

Habitat center – the leading center for real estate marketing and residential construction projects sales promotions. The center conducts national housing fairs, 3 times a year in which dozens of major construction companies participate promoting with special offerings, their latest housing projects across Israel.

ULTIMA school of design – The leading school of its kind offering a high standards unique course of studies of interior design with More than 500 graduates every year.  All graduates enjoy relative advantage due to the contacts they acquire within the building center.

Building Exhibition – an exhibition of projects, construction and infrastructure. This exhibition is held on a biyearly basis, and considered to be the unique event for the professional audience.

Israeli Design week – an annual event that puts TEL AVIV in par with all the major design capitals of the word.  A unique, enriching event for architects, designers and families about to build or renovate their home.

Nadlan City Conventions 
Nadlan City, the largest annual real estate summit in Israel since 2002 and Nadlan City NY –The Real Estate Week Israel-America in NY since 2016, are a unique platform of direct, personal and professional person to person connection, cooperation and collaboration between real estate executives, key figures, policy and decision makers in the Israeli, American and global real estate communities to establish new business and investment opportunities, encourage deeper dialogue around shared goals, interests and exchange of knowledge, and ideas about current real estate trends.

Architects, designer & construction manager’s communities – the Israeli building center serves as a hub for those professionals, serving them with vital information regarding new materials, technologies and methods of construction of the modern house. It also updates regarding new lows and regulations for the building and contraction fields.
Members of groups and communities of the Israeli building center, are often called in for conferences, meetings with managers of major building companies, officials etc. these meetings and events exposes them to new contacts and opportunities to increase their business activities.