The Israel Real Estate Center.

Israel’s hub of construction, design, real estate and infrastructure, since 1969.



The Israel Real Estate Center (formerly known as The Israel Building Center) was founded in 1969 as a government company engaged in disseminating knowledge and information to the construction industry in Israel, subject to the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

Since its establishment, The Israeli Real Estate Center served for 3 decades as the main address for the general public on any issue related to housing, construction or renovations, and gained a great reputation even among senior professionals in the industry.

During its years as a government company, The Israeli Real Estate Center initiated and promoted construction and design exhibitions, housing fairs, seminars for professional audiences and real estate entrepreneurs, and also offered courses, training and accompaniment programs to any individuals who wished to build or renovate their home.

From government company, to a leading business entity in its field.

After 30 years of extensive activity, the government decided to privatize The Israel Real Estate Center. The new owner, The Building College – which provided training and courses in the field of construction – merged its activities with The Israel Real Estate Center, and currently operates extensively as The Israel Real Estate Center College.

The newly privatized Israel Real Estate Center operated on the Kibbutz Ga’ash campus until mid-2014, offering its services to thousands of families each year as a hub for builders and renovators, until it moved to its current location in Netanya.


The Israel Real Estate Center today

The Israel Real Estate Center is located in the Netanya Stadium, spanning 2,400sqm of innovation and knowledge. The Center also includes the “Transparent House” – a study and training center for architects, designers and their clients who are in the process of building and renovating, which includes a spectacular display of the latest and most innovative technologies in the construction industry, enabling them to get a hands-on impression of how things actually work.

Apart from the Transparent House, the new Israel Real Estate Center includes unique display areas, and a dedicated team of experts that includes engineers, architects and other construction professionals offers qualified consulting services to individuals who are in the process of building or renovating.

The Israel Real Estate Center also includes the campus of the Israel Real Estate Center College, which  holds courses for private and professional audiences. The Center is also the home of Ultima, the well known design school.


Activities of The Israel Real Estate Center.
The Business Arena of all Aspects of Construction.

For years, the Israel Real Estate Center has been Israel’s major business hub for everything related to the world of construction, including real estate, infrastructure and design.

  • The Transparent House Museum – a spectacular display of the latest and most innovative technologies in the construction industry, allowing builders and renovators and construction professionals to understand, learn and get a hands-on impression about how things really work together.
    The Transparent House Museum offers a multi-sensory experience on a “one to one” scale, and illustrates how a house is built, what materials and technologies are used, which technologies are to be preferred and how to implement them in an optimal way, what really lies behind the plaster and paint, and how home systems work.
  • The Israel Real Estate Center College – Israel’s leading college in the field of construction, design and real estate studies, since 1993. The college serves as the largest training and enrichment institution in Israel and trains about 5,000 graduates each year in various courses.
  • Ultima School of Design – the leading school in its field, which teaches about 500 interior designers a year in a unique high level environment. Graduates enjoy a relative advantage thanks to accessibility to the leading figures in the industry.
  • Nadlan City Israel – the highlight of the construction and real estate industry. The annual summit meeting of the business community – an event that brings together about 1000 of the industry’s top executives in a business arena whose goal is to encourage networking and business opportunities.
  • Nadlan City NY – a professional convention which brings together top Israeli real estate professionals with their counterparts from the US, for the aim of professional enrichment, exchanging up-to-date knowledge about projects, processes and trends in the US, Israeli and global real estate market. The conference serves as a platform for creating and cultivating the Israel-American real estate community while promoting personal and business connections.
  • The National Convention for Urban Renewal – The annual meeting of leading players in the scene of urban renewal in Israel, which includes 48 hours full of professional discussions, lectures, panels, dialogues and networking. The convention brings together top decision-makers and policy makers, who are leading the urban renewal momentum out of a tendency to produce a professional dialogue between all the parties responsible for launching the projects.
  • Eilat Convention for Architecture and Design – The largest annual event for architects and designers – 3 days of enriching content lectures and experiential workshops with the participation of top architects and interior designers in Israel. The event serves as an opportunity to engage in discourse, express an opinion and lead ideas across multiple platforms in a variety of roundtable sessions.
  • The National Convention for Private Construction and Settlements – The business arena for private homes and extensions, the annual summit of the private construction industry in Israel. This convention serves as a business arena, with 3 days of networking, professional enrichment and experiential events, with a vision of strengthening the personal branding of all those involved in the fields of construction and real estate in Israel. Participants are decision makers in the public and municipal sector, expansion managers in kibbutzim and demographic growth coordinators, alongside villa architects, construction supervisors, engineers, contractors, construction and design industries and land marketers.
  • Building City – the annual convention for building materials’ stores and renovation contractors, serves as a platform and a unique opportunity for companies, importers, industrial-technological organizations and service providers, to update participants on the revolutions going on in the construction industry. Building City includes 3 days of professional content centers and enriching lectures led by members of the event’s presidency and top construction industry figures.