Adv. Ziv Caspi -

Founder and Senior Partner, Gindi-Caspi Law

Attorney Ziv Caspi was born in June 1964 in Kibutz Urim, he is married to Daphna and a father of 3 sons.

He is well known as a sports fan and serves as a Lieutenant-Colonel in the military reserves.
City of residence: Nahlat Yehuda, Rishon Letzion metropolin.

Caspi is a Partner, Manager, Founder of Gindi-Caspi Lawyers and Notaries firm.

The firm specializes and provide comprehensive legal guidance in all real estate aspects and considered a prominent and leading firm in real estate, civil law,planning and constructions.

The firm accompanies dozens of leading companies in Israel as well as private real estate transactions, entrepreneurs and investors, purchasing groups and more.

Ziv Caspi provides comprehensive accompaniment, covering the full real estate transactions scope including: complex combination ventures, alteration of land use, evacuation and construction agreements and purchasing deals.

The firm employs 20 lawyers and additional 45 employees.

Gindi-Caspi Lawyers and Notaries has also been recognized and recommended as a prominent firm for real estate, planning and construction by the leading Israeli rating agencies: DUN & BRADSTREET and BDI.