Dafna Harlev -

CEO, Aviv Group

Since its establishment in 1963, Aviv Group has left its mark on the Israeli construction scene, serving as a contractor-performer for wide-ranging and groundbreaking projects.

The company’s entire range of activities, including initiation, purchase, planning, construction, and marketing, is all done under one roof.

The company is extremely experienced in land improvement, increasing construction percentages, and making wise investments in projects with guaranteed success, in highly desirable areas in Israel and abroad, such as: Moshe Aviv Tower, Assuta Medical Center, Aviv at Ramat Aviv Gimel, Weizman City and others.

Dafna Harlev graduated from Bar-Ilan University majoring in Economics and Business Administration. She started her work in the family owned company as a young girl and later on as a student. During those years, she has taken over a variety of roles, as per her father and the company founder, the late Mr. Moshe Aviv ideology that the best practice for a manager is by gaining deep knowledge regarding all company roles.

Prior to her CEO position in the Aviv Group Dafna served as Chief Financial Officer for over 15 years, between 1986 and 2001. In 1993, after the acquisition of the public company OCIF Investment & Development Ltd., Dafna served as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Aviv and OCIF.

As of 2001 Dafna is the CEO of Aviv Group.

In her years of career Dafna has been taking active roles of business development, finance management, marketing and staff management while embracing new management methods and tracing profitable projects throughout the country and overseas.

Dafna has gained experience in projects accompaniment, fund raising, financing, and financial management of private and public companies.

Harlev believes that persistence, credibility, team empowerment, a long lasting commitment to employees, suppliers and partners, long term planning, financial stability, crisis management are all the foundation that made Aviv Group to a stellar company in its field.