Haim Feiglin -

CEO, Zemach Hammerman Ltd

Year of Birth:1953

Education:Civil Engineer, Graduate Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa (1979).

Current Positions: Serves as CEO of public traded company Zemach Hammerman Ltd. One of the founders and owners of its controlling core. Engaged for many years in developing and building projects mainly in Israel, throughout the country including large-scale projects. The projects that Zemach Hammerman develops and builds under its management are in all areas of construction: residential, commercial, offices, industry, high-tech, public buildings, infrastructure, and more. The company operates both as a developer and as a building contractor.

Additional Current Position: Chairman of the Board, Association of Contractors and Builders in Israel, Haifa.

Past Positions: CEO Hammerman Infrastructure and Development Ltd. (92-96), Chief Engineer Zemach Infrastructure and Development Ltd. (85-92).

Positions in Professional Organizations: Chairman of the Committee for Planning and Building in Israel’s Builders’ Union.

Membership: Member of the Technion Students Union Committee (77-79).

Activities for the Community: Member Jewish Agency’s “The Israeli Spirit”.