Keren Cohen Blacharski, Adv -

Owner & Founder, KCB Law Firm, Keren Cohen Blacharski Adv

Owner and founder of KCB & Co. Law Office.

Keren has more than 15 years of extensive experience in real estate and in transactions in the field of transport and urban renewal (Tama 38 strengthening, demolition and gentrification of areas).

Keren’s office defines as a boutique firm specializing in real estate and is considered as a leader in its field. The firm accompanies the major projects for saturated construction, industrial and other uses and purposes;
Managing and leasing of rental properties of all kinds; Buying groups in legal proceedings; Treatment of urban renewal (gentrification, Tama 38); legal advice in large institutions and public companies in all types of real estate transactions,
including consulting with respect to aspects of financing and bank loans, legal advice regarding the laws of sale of apartments and offices, registration rights and condominiums  and other commercial, as required by the provisions of such projects.

Urban renewal department at the office accompanied the last decade hundreds of urban renewal projects and is engaged in the representation of entrepreneurs and owners of apartments.

The firm is one of the few firms in the country which accompanies projects of urban renewal from start to finish.

Keren is considered a popular lecturer in the field of urban renewal as part of professional training of the Bar Association, School of legal practice, Fishman realty Center of the Hebrew University.

Keren was Born in Nahariya, lives in Hertzliya, married and has two children. She has a graduate degree in Law and Business Administration from the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzliya.