Ronen Jaffa -

CEO, Elad Israel Residence Ltd

Ronen Jaffa – CEO
Ronen Jaffa, CEO of Elad Israel Residence, represents a new generation of CEOs.
Ronen has an MBA from New York’s prestigious Columbia University, and he was trained as a Civil Engineer with a B.Sc. from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.
His professional experience includes his involvement in the preservation and restoration of the Plaza and the development of the Plaza Residential in New York.
Even as the company’s CEO, Ronen is meticulous about the details and is frequently updated regarding the jobs in progress in the locations in which the company is engaged, and puts an emphasis on being acquainted with specific needs. Thus the company’s customers benefit from the added value that stems from the involvement of Elad Israel Residence’ CEO in details of the first class residential environment that the company offers.