Rony Cohen -

CEO, Eldar Group

Rony Cohen, CEO and a partner of Eldar Group, was born in 1969.

Rony is a true professional and leader perceived as an authority in the marketing arena, thanks to his vast experience and knowledge gained over 20 years of his career in the real estate sector.

Rony is the pillar figure of Eldar bringing his professionalism together with humanity and positive approach to people. The company has achieved hi winning ratio of new projects thanks to his professionalism.
His deep knowledge of the market, successful managing strategies and boldness are prominent factors to the company’s success.

Rony is a specialist in creating a winning real estate brand while covering a project thoroughly from the bid winning stage through project planning guidance till it’s marketing to the public.

Eldar real estate marketing led by Rony, specializes in positioning real estate properties and handles today the marketing of dozens of nationwide projects for numerous construction companies.

Since Eldar group establishment in 1999, the company has vended over 17,000 housing units in a variety of projects throughout the country.