Vered Gindi -

Vered Gindi Studio Architecture + Design

GindiStudio is managed by Architect Vered Gindi, a Graduate of the University of Toronto, Canada with a Masters of Architecture degree and an M.A degree in philosophy.
She gained her vast experience working both in Canada and in Israel, and is now considered one of the leading architects in Israel for interior fit-out designs, working with global companies such as Google, Citi, HSBC, BMC, Qlogic, ORACLE, Deloitte and many others.


The firm offers its clients both its vast experience as well as its creative skills.
It undertakes the development and implementation of programs that emphasize the environmental, human, economic and social aspects of design, rendering a complete physical solution.
Every project takes into account the complexity of its requirements, mobilizing the most innovative technologies, incorporated into the creative design, seeking harmony and balance with the ecological systems.
All projects have their inception in a comprehensive conceptual analysis that serves as a blueprint for all subsequent stages, from the initial abstract idea down to the smallest final detail.
Special emphasis is placed on the connection between the functionality of the design as an integrated system, and individual design interpretation on the personal and human level.
We work closely with every client, and while developing design language to fit the basic as well as the most complex requirements, we incorporate it with great attention to the sense of place.
The projects, starting with selecting and coordinating the staff and consultants, are personally and closely monitored from beginning to end, and held to the highest professional standards.